Open Heart

   Life Coaching, LLC

            “...that their hearts may be encouraged...”

                                                                         Col. 2:2


Do you need a listening ear?

Kathy Byrne

works compassionately with adults,

prayerfully assisting them in finding

their God-given talents and using them

to move forward and reach their goals.

         Life Coaching for Individuals

Spiritual Direction

Grief Support

Health and Wellness Coaching

Spiritual Renewal after Abuse

Marriage Coaching

                Life Coaching for Groups

           Receiving God’s Healing Touch (Grief Support)

                         Spiritual Retreats - Various Themes

                               Healthy Eating, Healthy Life

                              Spiritual Renewal After Abuse

                                Homeschooling Our Children

For information about Kathy’s book:

Understanding the Abuse of Adults by Catholic Clergy and Religious

Finalist for Three Book Awards

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            Kathryn R. Byrne, M.P.M.

    Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Author, Speaker

                    Snellville, Loganville, GA, area